About Short URL Cloaking Service

Short URL service's main purpose is to ease forum/blog/Twitter posting. Another reason to use this service is to cloak your URLs: you can mask your affiliate links from visitors who like to cut affiliate info from sponsors' links + hide site address from search engines (for example - to prevent "googleing" information about your site in case if it was bought/sold). Last but not least reason to use this service is redirect tracking facility which can show you the origins of your visitors based on their IP addresses - up to country and town (with external service).

This site provides you easy-to-use yet very powerful interface with custom tags, bulk URL submission, password-protected links, both IP- and password-based authorization, links editing and statistics include IPs and sources of your visitors (up to country/town tracking - with external whois base).

This service authorization system is based on IP addresses: you can track your links and statistic in "URLs" section even if you added them without registration.

In case if you wish to edit your links you have to register. After registration you'll be able to edit all links added from your computer (from your computer's IP address actually). Note: registered users may overtake URLs added by non-registered users in case if they use same computer (IP address) - so if you are working from office or internet cafe you better register to claim all URLs (to do so just login and edit all your URLs one by one - after clicking "save changes" button URL become yours).

If you want to add same URL as you've added before - system will find it out and output same short URL. For privacy reasons system won't search same URL submitted by different users (others' custom tags may not suit your need). In case if you want to assign custom short tag to your URL - system will ignore same URLs stored earlier with different tags and instead store/output new value.

Same options applies for bulk URL submissions as for single URL: custom tags (will be stored as tag, tag1, tag2, tag3 and so on), password protection and expiration date.

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