QR Codes and Microsoft Tags

QR Codes and Microsoft Tags® are barcodes with encoded data - in this case it's shortened URLs to access your content. QR Codes and MS Tags can be read by photo camera on mobile phones to access your content from anywhere. Both types of codes may be placed into print, video/TV and online advertisement. Note: MS Tags are actually colored and has to be printed/used with color information preserved and white border around them (read more).

To create QR Code and/or Microsoft Tag for your URL - create short link using facility on start page and click icon QR Code to download QR Code or MS Tag to download Microsoft Tag image. Also you can download barcodes in "URLs" section of this site.

Below are examples of QR code (to left, black and white image) and Microsoft Tag (to right, colored image):

QR Code Microsoft Tag

Note: access to Microsoft Tags functionality may be limited for certain categories of users by administrator. Microsoft Tags reading requires special application for mobile phones (download it here).

Microsoft Tag is registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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